Aerosertec group is a corporation dedicated to the development of the aeronautic, spatial, defense/security and energy sectors through turnkey projects in engineering, testing, simulators as well as automated and vision systems with leading-edge technology in robotics and software. 

Sertec’s main activities lie in engineering, tooling, and testing within the aeronautic, defense and nuclear sectors as well as research and development projects.  

Aerosertec offers global solutions in all group activities with special attention to the areas of simulations, aerospace and defense. 

Aerosertec USA develops projects in engineering with a special emphasis on new developments in the North American area.

Aerosertec Chile offers engineering solutions orientated to the modification of airplanes and autopilots system application in different sectors such as miner and energy. 

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Tel: +34 955 63 10 15

Parque tecnológico Aeropolis

C/ Wilbur y Orville Wright 27

41309, La Rinconada, Sevilla,


Tel: +34 917 24 17 75

Parque tecnológico Tecnogetafe,

Avda. Rita Levi Montalcini, 14

28906 Getafe, Madrid