1995-1999: Sertec Engineering began its operations in Madrid in 1995 working on Finite Element Analysis for companies such as EADS-CASA Space DIvision. Additionally, Sertec hired expert design engineers in the use of CAD tools, primarily CATIA, to work in the aerospace sector with the Eurofighter consortium, EADS-CASA, AIRBUS and ICSA. 

2000-2004: During the development of largest European programs (Airbus A380), Sertec assisted in the final design modeling and the implementation of design modifications with several tooling and test benches support.

Meanwhile, we worked closely with companies such as INDRA, EADS Simulation and Tecnobit on simulation. Soon after our initial advancement we expanded our services through railway sector projects for CAF and Talgo.

In 2005 creation of AeroSertec group was born from the need to deliver 'turn-key' projects to customers, including Engineering, Manufacturing and Assembly. Furthermore, this structural division allowed AeroSertec Group to specialize in engineering and partner with other companies to cover from raw material to final delivery, via machining, sheet metal bending, large-scale tooling and composite materials. 

2005-2009: Airbus Military A400M aircraft gave continuity to aeronautic area and allow company growth until nowdays dimensions

International adventure began with projects in Israel for IAI, and A400M components for CTRM in Malasya.

Setting-up in USA in 2009 first and Chile in 2010  allowed business expansión to the American market, coinciding with research and developemnt activities envolvement for different national and european programs.

In 2010 Sertec bet for Research, Development and Innovation (R&D) with the construction of its new innovative center in Getafe (Madrid)

2010-2014: Consolidate simulation área with maintenance of San Pablo Simulation Center, and A350 program coverage from design stage to test benches for components certification.

CERN engineering services allows diversify business covering other áreas in energy sector.

Automatization activities were involved in all company áreas adding value to projects developed. It also allow to deepen in unmanned, robotic and visual systems.

In 2015 moving to Tecnogetafe finally got ambicious plan to get a final assembly and test validation facility for projects.

Continue activities with business diversify in aeronautic (A400M and CN235), space (ESA projects), defence (P3 Orion refurbishment), railway (Arabian High Speed project), and energy (CERN and ITER programs).

Reinventing and adapting to new technologies has been involved in cibersecurity research projects adding new values to products. Sertec's future business line will continue offering, among others, services through value-added engineering, unmanned vehicles, systems for defense and the knowledge of their engineers. 

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