Research + Development + Innovation

Sertec has opted to invest in research, development and innovation. Drawing on the experience of its senior engineers, Sertec made innovative projetcs in the areas of energy, defense, development of new materials, artificial and synthetic vision, virtual maintenance training, unmanned vehicles, and so on.

By applying the technology of innovative sectors, Sertec has been able to make qualitative leaps in the areas of simulations, automatization and artificial vision. 


Sertec is involved in various projects in which robotics and, specifically, the collaboration human-machine are an important part. Sertec acquired a Kuka KR90, with improvements that place it as the most advanced in its category in Spain. Part of this project consists on investigating various lines, of which we emphasize environment recognition systems that allow the robot to autolocate with knowledge of its surroundings. This will allow Kuka to work in what is known as “open cage” with the purpose of collaborating efficiently with the operatives it works with. Another line of work is the use of image recognition to increase the precision and reach the established requirements in the aeronautic sector. 

We promote the research and development of new technologies and process that will efficiently use natural resources, raw materials and energy to avoid or minimize our environmental impact. Sertec has participated in projects that study the vitality of recyclable composite material and its applicaction for lightweight products. We have increased our involvment in renewable energy projects especially in the area of wind power and thermal energy with the design, manufacturing and testing of many of its parts.


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