PARCLoSe - Phased ARrays Crystal Liquid Satcom

ACT-3 - Actuaciones de desarrollo competitivo: 45/180907.9/16

Technical advice and feasibility analysis for the design of active array and phased array antennas in Ka band for on-board SATCOM mobile systems


Actions and goals of the Project:

- Review of State of art for current design of Ka band active antennas

- Development of multi-layer radiating element that provides circular polarization in Ka band

- Implementation and integration at design level of Liquid Crystal (LC) technology as phased-shifter of the radiating element.

- Preliminary definition of control circuit schematic in order to change dielectric constant of LC

- Definition of mechanical tolerances for the manufacturing as proof of the concept


Outcomes of the project:

- Development of a cutting-edge radiating element with LC that provides robustness and an excelent axial ratio (< 0.5 dB for beam scanning angles) for circular polarization

- Achievement of an absolute phase range of  41 ° in TX and 7 ° in  RX  modifying dielectric constant of LC

- Study of manufacturing critical tolerances and of specifications repeatability for used components


This study was carried out by Dr. Miguel A. Salas-Natera and Prof. Mariano Barba, both of them of Technical University of Madrid and  by Borja Rocha Peñalosa from SERTEC.


Participants: UPM - ETSIT

Example of control line layout with triangular lattice. UPM

Radiation pattern of array antenna  in Ka band. SERTEC S.L

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