Horizontal Tail Plane specimen consisted of a complete CFRP A400M Horizontal Stabilizer, taken from the manufacturing serial, including typical manufacturing defects, assembly and in-service damages and repairs.


The horizontal stabilizer is a hybrid structure (CFRP lateral boxes and metallic centre splice and fittings). This full-scale test justified both types of structures, statically as well as fatigue and damage tolerance, on the same test.



A400M HTP Full Scale Test (Static & Fatigue) was performed to show that the horizontal stabilizer and elevator structures comply with the regulatory requirements regarding static and fatigue strength and damage tolerance (CSA 25.305, 25.307 & 25.571 and AMC 25.307, 25.571 & 25.603).

Client: Airbus Military

A400M HTP Full Scale Test

As part of the European Union's Research and Innovation FP7 programme and Clean Sky Joing Undertaking, Sertec participated in project PROUD (Precission Outer Wing Assembly Devices).











The objective was to manufacture two distinctly configured wings that had laminal flow improvement to decrease consumption and acoustic contamination. AeroSertec group was part of the design, development, manufacturing and completiong of both wings. 


Exterior Wing Precision Assembly Tool for the SFWA BLADE Program

Client: European Comission Research

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